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Dwarven Challenge Barrels

Date:  24/12/2014 12:57:11

Solomon brings a unique item to his wares! How much a swing of your sword is really worth? Now he brings a method that allows rs players to do exactly it!

First, take a dwarven challenge barrels from his store and place it anywhere in Gielinor , buy this way both players and their friends can unleash their might against it. Then once finished, the dwarf housed within will pop out and let the player know exactly how much damage he’ve brought upon his barrel.

In a word, it is a perfect way to check whether a player will be able to take on certain bosses and whether he does enough damage to take down his biggest foes or just to try and lay claim to the most damage done in a certain amount of time!

This dwarf won’t stick around forever though – he’s got things to be getting on with. The most important is that make sure you’ve used him to the fullest extent because he and his barrel will be gone after 10 minutes!